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3x essays which cumulatively cover ALL the Elliot poems you may be expected to write on in Module B. You’ll be able to elevate your Elliot essays by obtain fresh ideas for insightful analysis and original arguments that are proven to gain top marks.

Bonus Material

  • A range of questions

    The essay questions addressed cover a wide scope – both form-based and theme-specific questions. Module B requires students to develop a thorough, holistic and personal understanding of Selected Poems. Reviewing these essays collectively will help equip you for this challenging task!

  • Extensively annotated

    I've also left personal annotations in the sidebar of each essay to explain the strategy behind the construction of a 20/20 response. As you're probably well aware, acing your written essay exam will require more than rote learning a strong essay. Beyond just ideas and points, I hope that these tactics will equip you to write an excellent response to whatever unique question you get on exam day.

  • Exclusive Mod B Exam Strategy

    Bonus material on structure and poem selection strategy for ALL prescribed poems: ‘Preludes’, ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’, ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, ‘Hollow Men’ & ‘Journey of the Magi’.

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